Content Creation & Editing


Best for: When you need your written words to connect with your market. You know generally what you want to say, but you're not sure how to say it. Work with a writer through a conversational interview process to create the content, or start with current content and take it to the next level. Includes outlining, multiple drafts and changes, copy-editing. 


Best for: Brochures, magazines, newsletters, website and the like. Ensuring your words read naturally and professionally, and are free from typos and grammar, usage or punctuation errors.

Non-Fiction Books & Ghostwriting


Best for: You've got a manuscript but it needs some refinement before publishing or submission to publishers, including: removing jargon, editing flow, tightening the prose, and more. Your manuscript is already pretty clean, with good writing and decent grammar, but you know it can be even better. This is way beyond basic copy editing that corrects mistakes; it's about elevating your writing to the next level


Best for: You have a great idea for a book or eBook, but you need a professional touch to help you bring it to life, saving you time while ensuring your voice comes through in the writing. This full-service option takes your idea through a thorough outlining process to streamline the entire process, then uses guided interviews between the author and writer to create the content. The author and writer collaborate to create the first draft, and then proceed with editing to finesse the final manuscrip