It’s really, really hard to write a good book without an outline.

The bridge between a potential book and an actual one is paved with the sweat that builds under your knuckles when you've been tickling a keyboard for hours. Underneath those metaphorical paving stones is a fantastically thorough plan for writing from intro to conclusion, and every chapter in between.

In Outline Your Book, a book-kickstarting package, we work together through live, one-on-one video or phone coaching sessions to create a rigourous outline for your nonfiction book, complete with a book writing plan to give you the tools you need to write your book yourself upon completion of the outline. This is a hands-on project that typically requites at least 12 hours of writing and research by the author.

This package’s timing can be customized to the author’s availability, but is generally completed in three to four weeks. Outline Your Book includes:

  • Three hours of one-on-one coaching (phone or video; 30-min and 60-min sessions available) spent delving into your book topic with Zoey, digging beneath the surface of ideas, and structuring your book to impact readers

  • Reviewing up to 5,000 words of content relevant to the book (i.e. previously drafted chapters)

  • Access to Zoey’s book-planning templates, book-writing scheduler, and writer’s block-busting strategies

  • Troubleshooting on the first draft of the outline

  • One complementary writing coaching session (30 minutes) to help keep you on track with your book-writing goals

Authors who complete Outline Your Book will be coached to create:

  • A detailed outline of the content in their book

  • A writing plan designed to hold up to the rigours of real life

Authors will know exactly how to use their book plan to actually write their book in a timely fashion. Naturally, it is up to the authors to buckle down and use their plan. Are you ready to write?

Package Fee: $479+GST

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You’re driven to write your book, but you could really use an outsider who will:

  • make you more accountable to your own goals

  • toss around ideas with you

  • remind you you’re a rock star

  • read some early

  • crack the whip when you’re making excuses that don’t serve your writing goals

Zoey’s writing coaching sessions are available as phone or video sessions and include optional light feedback on that content you’re wrestling with.

30-minute session (includes feedback on up to 2,500 words per session): $59+GST

60-minute session (up to 5,000 words per session): $118+GST

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