Find your "why" for writing a book

Writing a book is a difficult project to conquer. One of the keys is establishing your reason for writing it.

There are a lot of practical reasons to write a book. It can be an effective marketing tool. It's a smart way to package your ideas or your story. It's hard proof that you know a thing or two about the world in which you operate. 

There are also more visceral reasons for writing a book. You may not know how it fits into your marketing plan, but you know you have a story ready to come out. There's just something clawing to get out of you and you're finally ready to give it a landing pad.

Whatever your reason for writing a book, ensure it is the kind of reason that will sustain you through the whole process of writing that book. And know too that even if you do it every single day, writing isn’t easy. Imposter syndrome may strike. You may start to doubt your book’s entire premise or the way you've written a chapter or one stubborn sentence. You might spend your writing sessions “editing” your book and find yourself constantly rewriting only to wonder if you're making it any better or just different.

Those are the moments when you'll need to curl up in a comfy chair with your reason. The time you spend nailing down your reason for writing this book is all time well-spent because it not only refines your story but gets you closer to putting it out into the world.

Your reason is your fuel for moving forward with your book. If you think you could use some help figuring out your reason and creating a book-writing plan to turn your book dream into reality, get in touch with me and see how book coaching or guided book outlining can work for your project.